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Sauna, a cultural phenomenon?

It's hot, Finnish. The most resistant to her last at most a quarter of an hour. So this is the sauna. Relax. Eliminates toxins. It's good. But before turning the hourglass of the cabin, some are wondering: "What shall I wear?". Or rather: "What I take off?". Oh yes, because for some, even too many, the vast majority of Italians, myself included, to get into the sauna naked with a towel full - in practice, as should be done - not! Rather not ashamed to betray his wife, to blaspheme, to go with the red or to evade taxes, but to make a sauna sweating leaving his little body as his mother did it, no! And if there was a maniac? And if people went in the sauna because it has no other chances to see naked men or women? Better not to trust it? So too come with swimsuit, because the sauna suit have not yet invented. Basically, the genial gesture is equivalent to the shower clothes. And then there are them. The Italian health centers. Should be in charge of your health, but incredibly invite you to access their saunas do not in costume buff. But good! Too bad that at ninety degrees Celsius temperature and fifteen percent humidity, the Lycra swimwear releases toxic substances, since they are not made for those oven temperatures. And what are you going to get rid of toxins, you come out with an accompanying increased. Not to mention the irritation and all the disastrous consequences of their own skin in the most intimate suffocates without sweating to torture of ninety degrees in dry air. The small steps of those who care for others in the sauna introduces something that is made for a pool. But you know, we Italians are a nation of poets, of sailors and false modesty. Not a German or a Nordic sauna comes with the costume! In South Tyrol in the centers of public welfare as in that of St. Ulrich, a sign at the entrance in German, English, Russian and even in Italian, prohibits the use of the swimsuit in the sauna. And if you do not feel like showing your lack of masculinity (which is not a merely physical) do not go in the sauna! And if a woman's modesty, or rather, the shame to leave out of the cabin of pine bikini or worse, the one-piece swimsuit, refrain. Yet everyone was in South Tyrol sauna as God intended. Ah, but there is only on paper Italy.

Giorgio Nadali