About us

MONDOSPA, a Finnish sauna Bella, is a young and dynamic company that was founded by the Finnish tradition and experience of its founders. MONDOSPA enters the market in its own factory producing the original Finnish saunas- MONDOSPA gives to her client high-quality Finnish saunas and finishing (we use only high-quality Nordic wood panels subjected to natural drying in the tradition Finnish), combinying the Italian style with the Finnish trafidtion. Simultaneously, MONDOSPA offers affordable prices, because it believes that the sauna is not merely a luxury for the few but a treatment for psychological well-being that everyone can and should be eligible.
Our saunas are easy to install, no need ripiastrellare, or masonry work is needed. Install a Sauna Sauna Kiva is really easy.
MONDOSPA also uses Finnish tecnology for the provision of heaters and control unit.
MONDOSPA has built a network of strong partnerships and resellers throughout Italy, so wherever you are, it will be easy to view and purchase a sauna. In addition, MONDOSPA is constantly expanding and we invite you to contact us for any future collaborations, completing the form available online.
MONDOSPA offers the opportunity to buy directly on-line and saunas a wide range of products linked to them: the stoves, the controllers, accessories and tisaniere.