Prefabricated Turkish Baths
€2.464,00 €3.520,00 Avaliable

Turkish bath in eps (expanded polystyrene) preformed, measures 200x200 cm.
It 'easy to install. Our technical service will support you in all phases for both the predispositions of the plants of the turkish bath (you will be given technical diagrams plant) for the installation.
The price includes the property in eps turkish bath (walls, benches and roof)
The structure of the eps turkish bath is rough-shaven ready to be coated (mosaic, tiles, resin, travertine)
The EPS is a material with a high insulating power, and will deliver significant energy savings !!
The benches in the turkish bath are made with and without back and curved edge and internally allow the passage of the plants.
We realize, in addition to the standard ones, Turkish baths of all shapes and sizes
It is recommended for this bath turkish our kit 6 kw