Vapor cave 200x200x250

Vapor cave 200x200x250
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Cave of steam for 4 / 6 people.
The structure consists of prefabricated panels dismantled and assembled on site, made of GFRC (renforced Glas Fiber Concrete) with effect scenic natural cave interior, including a steam generator. The seats are in G.F.R.C. Inside are ranked No. 1 spot chromotherapeutic with multicolored lights. The door is aluminum anotizzato and tinted safety glass, hinged with rubber gaskets insulation.
The G.F.R.C. (Glas fiber renforced Concrete) is a conglomerate consisting of cement, mixed with silica sand, glass fibers and resins suitably non-toxic water-cut.
The various forms are our rock. description given our experience spectacular.
For guests who are looking to get as close as possible to the stone of the place or the preference of the customer who will give us a sample.
Available in different sizes.